Vitamin mask for strengthening and against hair loss

Vitamin mask to strengthen hair that will help cope with seasonal hair loss, strengthen the roots, activate the follicles,accelerate growth and improve the appearance of the hair (softness, elasticity, shine).

The entire composition of the mask works to improve the condition of the hair:

A nicotinic acid - promotes hair growth, improves blood circulation, prevents hair loss.

Vitamin B1 - gives hair shine and richer natural hair color.

Vitamin B6 - strengthens hair, prevents dandruff, itching and flaking of the scalp.

Vitamin B12 - improves the flow of oxygen to the scalp, one of the main vitamins for hair loss.

Aloe extract - strengthens the hair, fills it with nutrients, moisturizes and regenerates.

Vitamin A in oil - improves the elasticity of hair, makes it elastic, shiny and silky, protecting it from the harmful effects of sunlight, affecting active growth. Prevents dry and brittle hair.

Vitamin E in oil - promotes cell renewal, increases blood flow, resulting in improved circulation at the local level, helps fight hair loss, promotes hair growth and restoration.

Hair balm goes as a conduit for the rest of the ingredients, try to choose the most natural hair balm as possible, because the mask is applied to the scalp and hair along the entire length.

Vitamins in ampoules for hairBefore starting a course of masks, you need to be patient and have raw materials. All ampoules and vitamins A and E in oil are bought in a pharmacy and are not at all expensive. For convenience, it is better to buy all vitamins at once in 10 ampoules. And vitamins A and E in oil are sold in jars, so you can still add them to other hair masks, especially they go well with masks based on natural oils.

The course of the mask is 10 procedures, with a frequency - once a week.

Anti-hair loss mask recipe based on pharmacy vitamins

  • 1 ampoule of niacin, Vitamin B3;
  • 1 ampoule of vitamin B1;
  • 1 ampoule of vitamin B6;
  • 1 ampoule of vitamin B12;
  • 1 ampoule of aloe extract;
  • 3-5 drops of vitamins A and E in oil;
  • 1 rounded tablespoon of hair balm

First, wash my head with shampoo, but without silicones, since silicones prevent the penetration of the active substances of the mask. All shampoos for hair loss, as a rule, come without silicones; for the period of the course of masks, you can buy shampoo from such a series.

After washing your hair with shampoo, wrap it in a towel so that excess moisture is absorbed, so we walk for about five minutes while we mix the components of the mask. Add all the vitamins to a portion of the balm, stir well and use a paint brush to apply the mask, first apply it to the scalp along the parting, and then distribute it through the hair. We insulate the mask with plastic wrap and put on a warm hat or you can wrap it with a towel.

We hold the mask for one hour and rinse thoroughly with water, for two or three minutes under running warm water, the main thing here is to wash the balm from the hair. And I will say that the hair does not get greasy faster from the mask, despite the fact that the balm is applied to the scalp, as I washed my hair every other day, and with my mask.

We do such a mask once a week, if you wash your hair more often, then carry out the rest of the shampooing procedures as usual, but try not to do any more homemade hair masks so as not to overload the hair, this mask will be quite enough, the main thing is to do the full course.

For many of my girlfriends, this mask helps with seasonal hair loss. Do not wait until your hair begins to fall out, carry out such strengthening courses starting from September (10 procedures) and from the beginning of February (10 procedures) and you will see how your hair will transform!

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Comments 30
  1. Julia

    Thanks for the recipe, you must definitely try it, but now it’s autumn and hair began to fall out ((

    • Yuliya

      Try it, the result is good

  2. Dashulya

    Super recipe. Tomorrow I will start the course, I will definitely sign off on the result.

  3. Angelica

    The best homemade mask that I have done, I have not done the course yet, but I already like the result))))) Thank you

  4. Sasha

    I just bought a new conditioner that is applied to the scalp, you need to try it.

    • Yuliya

      Try it!

  5. Yuliya

    Can you explain please. If you do not advise combining some vitamins, then why are they used together in this mask?

    08/10/2016 at 10:21 - Reply
    Hello, I would not recommend mixing vitamin B12 with vitamin E, and replacing vitamin B1 with B2, and you can mix the rest.
    Nicotinic acid is best applied neat to damp hair after shampooing, as it works more effectively, although it can also be added to masks.

    • Yuliya

      This mask from our subscriber, with the result of which she is very pleased, although vitamin B12 is neutralized by the action of vitamin E.

      • Oksana

        Can this mask be with guards

  6. Yuliya

    It's clear.
    Please tell me more ……. After giving birth (and there were three of them), my hair falls out very much every time. is it possible to use these masks from your website or is there something specific to restore and strengthen hair after childbirth?

    • Yuliya

      Read this article, there are many interesting things:
      It is important to nourish the body from the inside, that is, pay attention to vitamins (if you are not breastfeeding): B groups, especially vitamins B5 and B7, and it is better to take them separately in tablets, these are biotin and pantothenic acid. If hair falls out strongly, check ferritin (iron stores in the body), very often after childbirth this happens, even with normal hemoglobin, ferritin may be below normal, if below 70, then a trial treatment with iron preparations is usually carried out, but! it is only after testing.
      And you can try different masks that are applied to the scalp, I really like with capsicum tincture and sea buckthorn oil, but you can pick up other recipes, look at the heading - hair masks. And yet, it is very useful to massage the scalp, try to do this every time before washing your head, because massage stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands and the hair becomes oily faster.

    • Yana

      Hormonal disruption (so they drop out

    • Natalia

      I had the same problem. I did the same mask. But I invented it myself and added burdock and coconut oil. Very happy, I saved my hair.

  7. Yuliya

    Thank you very much!!!

  8. valentine

    or you can use oil, such as coconut, instead of hair balm

    • Yuliya

      Then you have to wash your hair with shampoo.

  9. Irina

    My hair is completely killed with tonic, iron and various dyes. Will this mask help restore your hair at least a little? There is solid straw on the head, they fall out in clumps, I don't want to completely bald

    • Yuliya

      Yes, you can use it (only in a course of 10-15 procedures), but be sure to take care of the length of your hair and drink vitamins for your hair, everything needs to be done in combination.

      • Natalia

        What vitamins for hair would you recommend?

        • Yuliya

          I like Solgar (skin, hair, nails).
          If there is diffuse hair loss, Revalid has worked very well, but you need to drink for three months to see the result.

  10. Helena

    Please tell me how to make a mask with vitamin B1 and burdock oil?

    • Yuliya

      Make a mask before washing your hair:
      1 tbsp. a spoonful of burdock oil;
      1 ampoule of aloe extract;
      1 ampoule of vitamin B1;
      you can also add vitamins A and E in oil (also sold in the pharmacy).
      Mix all the ingredients and apply to the scalp.

  11. Darya

    I make 2 ampoules of vitamin B6 and 2 ampoules of B12. And I add a little water to apply it on the entire head. I do the course 10 times every other day. I do not wash off
    I'm very happy. After the 2nd time for washing, I only saw 2 hairs in the bath. That and I can usually run through wet hair and pull out a bunch. Now I tried it. She pulled out nothing. I am pleased

  12. Natalia

    And I'm afraid to make things worse. I made this mask, only for the place of the conditioner (I have it not very much) I took yolk and honey. Something completely got out of my mind. Maybe it should be like this after the first time. Does anyone know?

  13. Kate

    Hello . Today I started the course. My hair is falling out in clumps (((will help?

    • Yuliya

      Hello, if the hair falls out very much and for a long time you need to look for the cause inside the body (hormones, stress, iron deficiency, problems with the gastrointestinal tract). The mask will help in the complex therapy of hair treatment.
      Add some more complex hair vitamins.

  14. Irina

    Hello! I am 41. After the death of her husband, her hair began to fall out strongly and became dry. Allergy to the skin of the hands periodically appears. The allergy was dealt with, but the hair continues to fall out for 9 months. Thyroid hormones are normal. Hemoglobin is normal. Took a revalid. Injected nicotinic acid i / m. For a month and a half I have been taking solar (skin, hair, nails and biotin). The facial skin has become more resilient. Hair continues to fall out. Please tell me what tests need to be done to identify the cause

    • Yuliya

      Hello. If there was a lot of stress, then this may well be the cause of hair loss. Typically, this loss occurs three to four months after the stressful situation.
      It makes sense to drink Revalid from 3 to 6 months and if this is diffuse hair loss, then he copes with it quite well. Solgar is also quite good vitamins, with a working composition.
      It would be nice for you to go for a consultation with a trichologist or dermatologist.
      In this article, you will find the minimum list of tests that you should take in case of hair loss:

  15. Maria

    Hello, I am very pleased with the result of the mask. Hair is nourished, shiny and does not climb like before. But a huge minus, I am a natural blonde and my hair color has become dimmer. Perhaps a component should be excluded? I really like the mask, but I'm worried about the color of my hair.

    • Yuliya

      Hello, it is difficult to say which component can cause dull hair. You can try to add a spray for shine to your hair, better than a professional company.

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