Fashionable women's haircuts for summer 2021

By the summer, many girls and women want to update their image. The best way to do this is to change your hairstyle. We have presented women's haircuts that are considered the most popular this season. Among them are options for medium, short and long curls.

What are the trends in fashion in the summer of 2021

With the onset of the warm season, the following have acquired the greatest relevance:

  • Cropped bangs - Opens the face well, gives more expressiveness. Runs straight or sideways, can be oblique. Many women manage to cut it on their own, but the first time it is better to turn to a female master. It is worth considering - the bangs emphasize the flaws in the form of sharp cheekbones, a wide forehead, an elongated oval of the face.
  • Center parting - Over the past decades, there has been a desire to do the parting on the side. This trend is outdated today. Parting in the center of the head is considered fashionable again. It contributes to the perfect balance of the hairstyle, makes the hair symmetrical, saves time on daily styling.
  • Torn Curls - Great for bangs and ends. Give the hairstyle femininity and romance. Such an element of haircuts assumes a free cutting technique. Ragged styling is a proven way to look young, energetic and relaxed.
  • Loose Waves - These curls look light and romantic. They are not losing their popularity this summer either. A curling iron or iron will help you quickly create wavy strands at home.
  • Wet Look - Hair that looks damp is back in vogue. A similar effect will be appropriate in various types of ladies' haircuts.

Extreme hairstyles are considered an important summer trend this year. This type implies the presence of creative elements and an almost unrestrained flight of imagination. Haircuts are created with shaving of various parts of the head (nape, temples). Following fashion and escaping the heat on summer days, the most daring people can completely shave off their hair. An extreme model will allow its owner to look stylish and stand out from the crowd.

Note to fashionistas: the tendency to paint in various colors has acquired an indisputable leadership. Traditional tones are out of fashion today. The classics in 2021 were replaced by bold and romantic shades that complement women's haircuts. These are pronounced blue, bright green, ultramarine, pale pink and other colors.

Trendy summer hairstyles for medium length

Asymmetry remains in demand in 2021. Such elements look decent on hair of any length. A similar detail is appropriate for both short strands and longer curls.

Other options for medium length hair:

  1. Cascading square. Differs from other haircuts in greater volume and expressiveness. One of the best for fine hair. Also enhances the beauty of thick strands. The bob cascade suits many face shapes. It is performed in any variation - without bangs, with bangs, with a parting in the center or on the side, with asymmetry.
    Trendy summer hairstyles for medium length
  2. Rhapsody. A cascading model endowed with elegance and grace. The hairstyle provides for different lengths of curls. They are cut unevenly from the side, bottom and top of the head. Rhapsody will decorate straight and wavy strands. This version of women's haircuts is suitable for many types, helps to hide the imperfections of the problem oval.
  3. Elongated bob (long bob). Lets you add volume to medium hair while maintaining length. In this version, the back curls are shorter than the front ones. In the occipital region, the hair can reach up to the shoulders. An elongated bob square is considered a universal solution. The model is easy to lay.
    Elongated bob (long bob).
  4. Sesson. Women's hairstyle, which requires a high degree of professionalism from the master. It has a complex shape, looks neat, but does not need long styling.If done professionally, sesson will definitely decorate medium-length strands. This type of haircut for women is perfect for straight strands. Please note - the model is undesirable for curly hair.
  5. Shaggy and Aurora are among the women's hairstyles that have not lost their popularity for many decades. The first option is translated as "shaggy". Shaggy provides creative clutter, implies the presence of torn or milled strands. It is universal, therefore it is performed on medium or other curls. Thanks to this model, thin hair becomes visually voluminous. If your curls are naughty, Shaggy will give them a great shape without styling.
    Shaggy and AuroraAurora is a type of women's haircuts that looks like a hat, but has more contrasting transitions in length. It is considered an unusual idea that is rarely seen. In many salons, Aurora is made with torn bangs.
    Haircut Aurora

Short haircuts for women - what to choose this summer

Short strands allow you to experiment with different women's haircuts. For 2021, the most relevant are:

  1. Pixie. The model makes it possible to look stylish and energetic. It is considered a novelty among ladies' styles. The short pixie haircut is made for any age. It will be the best option for shortened strands and a small face with neat features.
  2. Hat. This is a retro version for short hair, which is now at the peak of popularity. Differs in the presence of thick and high bangs. The hat will suit every woman. The hairstyle is quite capricious and requires daily attention.
  3. Garson. A boy-style haircut will beautify graceful ladies with short hair and regular facial features. Differs in the clarity of the form, which is combined with smooth transitions and graduations. Garson is an anti-aging female model. Choose it among other trendy haircuts if you want to look younger.
  4. Page. Another version of fashionable styling, known since the last century. The modern interpretation is characterized by light and moderate negligence. Nowadays, the Page is often performed on short curls with elongated bangs.
  5. Gavroche. This haircut was originally a male model. Today Gavroche is often chosen by the fair sex. In 2021, a haircut is done on any hair - straight, wavy. Gavroche looks organic with different types of face, at any age, but will not work for small curls.
  6. Mallet belongs to the most extravagant female models, performed on short strands. This exclusive option combines contrasting elements (hedgehog, cascade). Mallet is a trendy short haircut that is considered youthful. At the same time, she is often chosen by confident mature ladies.

Long layered haircuts for summer 2021

The main advantages of fashionable models for long hair:

  • volumetric;
  • preservation of length;
  • aesthetics;
  • versatility.

Long layered haircuts

As you can see in the photo, these haircuts provide several styles of overlay layers. They are suitable for modest and thick hair. Multi-layered options for women's haircuts look very dignified on long curls. These models will help create an up-to-date image for young girls and older ladies, and will be appropriate for different types of oval. Among such options in the summer of 2021, such types of haircuts as cascading and patchwork are most in demand. The second variety is characterized by original chaotic cuts of long strands.

Knowing which hairstyles are the most popular in the summer season of 2021, you can look beautiful and modern. Most of the fashionable women's haircuts are spectacular and practical. From a huge variety of fashionable styles, you will be able to find a stylish option for different lengths, which will also suit you in terms of price.

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