Stylish and light hairstyles for every day

Before, I never thought about a hairstyle for every day, usually I have loose hair with an even parting, so I walked for quite a long time (why not walk, my hair is well-groomed, I spend time and money on taking care of them every day, so what am I will I hide them under a bun, or even under some sophisticated hairstyle? Moreover, I like straight hair with an even parting). But, once I came to the robot with a side parting (as Vera Brezhneva often does, you understand) and added a little volume and everyone thought that I had some mega changes in appearance, although I just did a different parting and added volume with the help of brushing (well, and complemented the image with a light flying dress).

I mean, we need to change sometimes our everyday hairstyles. Therefore, I wondered what hairstyles can be done for every day to complement our image with our favorite clothes when we go to work, on a date or to university. And besides, so that creating such a hairstyle does not take much time.

Undoubtedly, the choice of our hairstyle also depends on the choice of clothing. Elegant yet sexy clothing can be purchased at Langell. This is a fairly new brand (since 2016), which has united young designers from Moscow and St. Petersburg, so in their outfits you will find something new for yourself and undoubtedly fashionable. In the article, I gave examples of light hairstyles combined with images from Langell.

With clothes from Langell, you will choose how you look today: elegant and lovely, or light and romantic, but always stylish and fashionable.

You can make a huge number of different beautiful and light hairstyles for every day. The hairstyle is able to highlight the advantages and hide the flaws of our appearance.

How to get a light and romantic date hairstyle

For me, the ideal hairstyle for a date (and I think for many too) is loose hair, waves, and slight negligence. For such a hairstyle, you need to wash your hair, apply a regenerating mask, because we will twist the waves, and this is stress for the hair. First, dry your hair well with a hairdryer, then use a curling iron or iron to make light waves, winding from your face and be sure to use thermal protection! When you wind all your hair, lower your head down, and comb your hair with a comb (only gently), then raise your head with one sharp movement and you will get chic curls and volume. Just do not apply hairspray to your hair, the hairstyle should be natural.

And in clothes, it should not be something pretentious and intricate, so that your boyfriend does not think that you have been standing at the mirror all day and were going on a date, but on the contrary, put on the first thing that came to hand, but at the same time romantic and a little sexy. I would wear something in white, for example:

Stylish clothes for girls

Stylish clothes for girls

Stylish clothes for girls

What hairstyle to make for work

To do your own hair is not to do in the salon, you must agree, you need to get out of what you can do))) And especially when you are going to work and time is running out. For me, then, the best option is a low ponytail, but so that it is not boring, you can beat a few strands around the face. Take strands of hair on both sides, wind them on a curling iron or iron and leave them to frame your face beautifully. You can even sprinkle these strands with varnish so that they last all day.

Stylish look for work

And if you have time, you can make a beautiful styling on your loose hair, under a beautiful tight-fitting, but at the same time elegant dress, the image can also be complemented with a beautiful scarf.

Stylish look for work

Stylish look for work

Fashion accessories for everyday hairstyle

Even when you don't have time to create your hairstyle, you can simply wash your hair and straighten it with a brush, and complement the image with a stylish accessory, such as a stylish hat or cap (cap). These accessories are perfect for springtime.

By wearing a cap, you will give the image of relevance and indicate your awareness of the latest fashion trends. Complete your look with soothing colors like a basic white T-shirt or shirt, black pants and a stylish jacket (and this will be your basic wardrobe).

Fashion accessories for everyday hairstyle

Or you can wear a stylish hat under a beautiful and elegant dress. It can be an image in some colors or accompanying ones.

Fashion accessories for everyday hairstyle

Fashion accessories for everyday hairstyle

Remember that you may need to take off your hat, so do not forget to bring a comb and a mirror in your purse))

To do hairstyles for medium and long hair is the easiest way, because there is a huge selection and room for imagination. Although it is more difficult to care for such hair than for short ones. When caring for long and medium hair, it is imperative to nourish and moisturize the length, and sometimes restore it (after a hot summer, dyeing).

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Comments 11
  1. Anya

    My favorite hairstyle too is loose hair, and on a date too.

  2. Kate

    Beautiful images, especially in a white dress !!!

    • Yuliya

      Yes thank you.

  3. Nina

    Good afternoon, Can these things be ordered with delivery to Kazakhstan?

    • Yuliya

      Hello, you can go to their website and ask.

  4. Katrice

    I also have a favorite hairstyle - loose hair))) and my boyfriend loves my hair

  5. Anonymous

    And why do all men love long, loose hair?

  6. Anonymous

    Such a beautiful burgundy dress, although all the images are very beautiful)))

    • Yuliya

      Yes thank you

    • Julia

      I also really like the burgundy dress !!!!

  7. Anonymous

    How I want long hair (

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