Autumn face care: what tools you can't do without in a cosmetic bag

If you do not adjust seasonal care and do not help the skin to cope with ultraviolet light, dry air, street dirt and temperature changes, then its protective properties will suffer and wrinkles will appear faster. Autumn is the recovery time after the summer heat and UV rays, when the skin needs intense hydration and vitamins. We will tell you the peculiarities of autumn facial care using the example of Korean cosmetics brand HISKIN.

TOP 5 autumn skin needs

  • food with oils;

  • restoration of water balance;

  • activation of skin immunity and collagen synthesis;

  • exfoliation of dry keratinized cells;

  • powerful hydration.

Due to the dry climate and ultraviolet radiation, the skin is often dehydrated after the summer season. When there is not enough moisture, tightness and peeling are felt, or, conversely, increased oiliness of the face (with insufficient moisture, the skin intensively produces sebum to protect against the harmful effects of the environment). In September, there is no longer an active heat, so it is easier to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and restore a healthy hydrolipid balance.

Oil: cleanse and replenish linoleic acid

Korea has long replaced mousses and micellar water with hydrophilic oils because water-based products are not able to completely remove sticky makeup textures and excess sebum. Incomplete cleansing leaves dirt and free radicals on the face, destroying healthy cells. Hydrophilic argan oil will gently but effectively dissolve even long-lasting cosmetics and replenish the supply of linoleic acid, which prevents the appearance of acne and acne. After removing make-up with oil, there is no feeling of tightness, and the skin receives an additional portion of nutrition.

Toner: restore pH balance

Toner is a gift for European girls from Korean beauty brands. The toning phase helps to restore water balance after washing and carry moisturizing ingredients into the deeper layers of the dermis. If you do not prepare your face for basic care, then the serum or cream will not fulfill its function, but will remain on the surface of the skin as a useless layer. Apply toner immediately after cleansing to retain moisture and soften the epidermis. This will help you see the benefits of your daily routine faster and restore your skin to a healthy glow.

The composition of Korean toners HISKIN is supplemented with a small amount of AHA and BHA acids to delicately exfoliate dry cells and even out the complexion.

Collagen serum: restore elasticity and strengthen skin immunity

Ultraviolet-thinned skin often looks dry and cracked because the aggressive sun has been destroying collagen fibers for three months. Microdamages and cracks may not be immediately noticeable, but if you do not compensate the skin for the lost nutrition and moisture, then there is a chance to get acquainted with premature wrinkles earlier than you planned.

To regain firmness and elasticity, use not only a day cream, but also nourishing serums in the fall. They are easily absorbed and contain a more concentrated formulation for enhanced epidermal regeneration. Korean brand HISKIN has additionally enriched the moisturizing serum with vitamins C and E, a double dose of collagen and natural algae extract to activate the protective functions of the skin and enhance the natural synthesis of collagen.

Hyaluronic acid scrub: remove the stratum corneum

Light gels and foams for washing well clean surface impurities, but do not rid the face of dead cells and peeling. Due to keratinized particles, the skin becomes rough and dull. In addition, some bacteria and dirt can remain deep in the pores and provoke inflammation, which further reduces the skin's immunity in the fall.For complex care, use gentle scrubs several times a month. They improve cell metabolism, remove deep impurities and dead cells. HISKIN Delicate Scrub with Hyaluronic Acid protects the skin from moisture loss and nourishes with almond oil and grape seed oil to maintain a healthy lipid layer.

Snail mucin cream: moisturize and renew

Skin care cosmetics with snail secretion are one of the quickest ways of powerful hydration and regeneration. In nature, snail mucin is responsible for rebuilding the shell of the mollusk, accelerating the natural renewal of tissues. If you use the HISKIN day cream with snail mucin, you can protect the vulnerable skin of the face from the autumn wind and the first cold weather. Such care retains moisture for a long time, evens out the epidermis after rashes and nourishes with antioxidants.

Timely renewal of seasonal products will help maintain the healthy beauty of your skin at any time of the year.

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