How to choose the right hairspray?

Do you know which hairspray will be the best? Who holds his hair securely, and at the same time does not give himself away with anything else! Unfortunately, the abundance of styling products makes us spend a lot of time choosing them. And, of course, something individual suits everyone. We decided to take a closer look at how to choose the right hairspray, what effect and styling power to select for each type of curl, and how to use it correctly.

How to choose a hairspray by hair type?

Surely you know perfectly well what type of hair you have. They can be oily, dry, combined. It is also worth highlighting dyed curls or after perm, and pay attention to their density, the thickness of the hair itself and how it curls (or not).

  • Thin and weak hair

You will need a varnish that is not too strong and does not weigh down the structure of the curls. Typically, this type of hair looks dull and lifeless. Choose a styling product with a light texture and a classic hold formula. The spray should be as small as possible, in a light cloud.

  • Curls and curls

If your hair is curly, unruly, and cannot be straightened or beautifully styled, choose a moisture-resistant hairspray. As a rule, the curls begin to curl precisely from the excess moisture in the air. You will need a varnish that will fix the styling and prevent moisture from penetrating into the curls.

  • Dry and overdried, brittle hair

Usually, these curls become after aggressive ammonia paints and perms. Here you need a moisturizing varnish, preferably in the form of a liquid spray. This can make the hair somewhat heavier, but it will definitely not dry it out and add a brilliant shine. Make sure that there is not a lot of alcohol in the composition.

  • Greasy hair

Such curls begin to shine immediately, even after washing. They lack volume, they look shiny and even slightly damp. Choose a varnish that is not too strong and has a volumizing effect on the roots. Dry-type varnishes have proven themselves well, in which there is a minimum of liquid, and the spraying is fine and even powder.

  • Dyed hair

Here you need to be careful with styling products, as many of them can distort the color. This is especially true for platinum blondes. Choose sprays specifically for light / dark hair that will look after your individual color after dyeing.

How to use the styling varnish correctly?

Varnish is the final "chord" for your styling or hairstyle. Here are the basic rules for applying it for perfect hold and best effect.

  1. The nail polish completes all the previous steps by fixing the curls and making them hold their shape. Therefore, the varnish should be applied exclusively to well-dried hair. If moisture remains on them, the varnish will not last long, the hairstyle will disintegrate in a short time.

  2. Also, the hair should be completely cooled after mechanical styling appliances. When styling with a hairdryer, flattening with an iron or winding with a curling iron, be sure to wait until the curls have cooled down, and only then spray the varnish.

  3. For the best volume at the roots, spray the varnish with your head tilted down. Fluff the curls a little at the head and spray the varnish on the roots, but from a distance of at least 25 cm. Stand upside down for at least 30-40 seconds for the styling product to dry and fix the roots.

  4. For a super-strong hold on complex hairstyles, spray the nail polish “aiming”, paying attention to each strand. But here, too, you should not keep the bottle less than 20-25 cm, otherwise the hair will simply stick together and will look sloppy.

  5. You should not use varnish every day, after all, this tool contains quite toxic chemicals in its composition. And do not forget to diligently rinse the styling cosmetics when washing. And in the evening after using the varnish, if you do not plan to wash your hair, comb the curls with a brush.

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Comments: 1
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