Plasmolifting for hair. Reviews, pros and cons of plasma lifting

I'll start with why I decided on such a “procedure”. For almost two years now, I have been struggling (in the literal sense of the word) with hair loss. Some methods, devices, drugs helped (loss decreased), some did not. And the hair all left my head, slowly but surely. Bypassing all possible doctors, finding out some diagnoses, starting treatment (basically I got caught by a gastroenterologist).

But, while the treatment was underway (aggressive antibiotics and other drugs), I did not take anything for the hair, except for external agents (masks, serums), respectively, the hair began to fall out even more intensively, and then I decided to try plasma lifting.

What is plasmolifting for hair?

Plasmolifting is a method of stimulating tissue regeneration by local administration of an injectable form of platelet-rich autoplasma.

Plasma hair lifting

Plasmolifting - treatment and hair restoration by injection. The peculiarity of plasmolifting is that your own blood is taken for the procedure. Blood is taken from a vein, and then it is poured into a vacuum tube and placed in a centrifuge, where the blood is processed and purified, when the blood rapidly rotates around its axis, in a centrifuge, plasma rich in platelets is released from it. At the same time, the activity of platelets increases from 5 to 10 times, because it is platelets that accelerate and enhance all the processes that occur in our body. Then the plasma is drawn into a syringe and micro injections are made into the scalp.

Plasma injected into the patient's skin prevents the death of hair follicles and "switches" them from the phase of loss to the phase of growth. As a result of plasma exposure, microcirculation and cellular metabolism improve, the local immunity of the scalp increases, pathogenic flora is suppressed, and the hair follicles are actively nourished.

Indications for plasmolifting of the scalp

  • Intense hair loss.
  • Alopecia (diffuse, focal, telogenic and even androgenic).
  • Depleted, brittle and split hair.
  • Thinning hair.
  • Dandruff (seborrhea), oily scalp.
  • Damaged hair by coloring, chemistry, keratin straightening.

This method is considered safe from the point of view of infection with viruses, bacteria, because their own blood is taken for the procedure. But before doing such a procedure, you need to know the contraindications.

Contraindications for plasma lifting

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Diseases of the blood.
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases.
  • Infectious diseases (ARVI, herpes).
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Allergy to anticoagulants (they are in a test tube where the patient's blood is transfused to prevent it from clotting).
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Menstrual cycle.

Results of using plasmolifting for hair

  • The process of dying off of hair follicles stops.
  • Hair loss is reduced (effective in more than 70% of cases).
  • Hair follicles are strengthened (hair begins to grow rapidly, somewhere after the second procedure)
  • New hair growth is stimulated (new hair grows strong and healthy).
  • Hair fragility and sections are reduced by improving the quality of the hair shaft itself (hair is lively and elastic).
  • Hair density and diameter increase (hair density increases).
  • The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, dandruff is eliminated (literally after the first session).
  • Hair is restored to its natural shine.
  • Has a long-term effect (the result is enough for two years, and then, if necessary, can be repeated).

Plasmolifting: my review

At the reception, the trichologist, for a start, said to take a blood test, if it is within the norm, you can start a course of treatment.

Recommendations before the procedure:

- in two days, exclude from the diet all fatty, fried, smoked, chocolate, coffee, sweets, alcohol;

- drink at least two liters of water, eat more fruits and vegetables (in two days);

- on the day of the procedure, do not eat anything, you can only drink a glass of water. Therefore, it is better to do plasma lifting in the morning;

- wash your hair before the procedure.

And so, at the reception, you lie down on the couch, and the doctor takes about 10 ml of blood from the vein, which is enough for one procedure. You can take blood every time, or you can draw it several times at once and freeze it (I chose the first option, fresh every time). Then this blood is poured from a syringe into a special test tube and placed in a centrifuge, where the blood rotates at high speed without pressure and plasma saturated with platelets is released from it. And leukocytes and erythrocytes precipitate, thanks to the use of a special fixing gel (in time, this is about 15 minutes). This plasma contains vitamins, proteins, microelements, hormones and growth factors that increase cellular metabolism and skin immunity, which translates the hair from the hair loss phase to the growth phase. Then this plasma is drawn into a regular syringe, it turns out about 4.5-5 milliliters, then the doctor replaced the usual needle with a small one for micro-injections.


Plasmolifting for hairThe procedure began by treating the scalp with an antiseptic. The trichologist dissuaded me from anesthesia, assuring me that it would not hurt, because the needles would change 4-5 times during the procedure, and local anesthetics in this case are ineffective.

First, lying on your back, the frontal part of the scalp is pierced (from the forehead towards the crown), to a depth of no more than a millimeter, everything happens too quickly, micro-injections are injected in small portions. Then you need to lie on your stomach and head on your side. The doctor changes the needle and begins to pierce the left side of the scalp, then again, changing the needle, injects in the right side, and at the end - the back of the head (changing the needle). Relatively speaking, the scalp is divided into four zones. The doctor changes a needle for each zone, so that pain is less felt. The entire injection process takes place from the periphery to the center of the scalp.

Having pierced all the zones, the doctor also made four injections into the crown, much deeper than the others, they are called "DEPO", that is, over time, after the procedure, nutrition for the scalp and hair diverges from them.

The trichologist said that the plasma begins to act immediately after it is injected. At the cellular level, metabolic processes are activated that enhance and restore cellular activity. The hair follicles are immediately supplied with all the nutrients from the plasma, which are necessary for the growth of healthy hair.

Now, about the pain itself, in the frontal zone, it is almost not felt, it hurt me when it was done at the temples and on the back of the head. But, the pain is bearable, even for me, although I am very, very afraid of injections and this was the main reason why I did not dare to plasmolifting for a long time (it was even difficult to imagine that more than 40 injections would be given to my head). After the third procedure, the pain became more noticeable, in almost all areas, but bearable. And yet, in the third session, the doctor added biotin-vitamin of group B to the plasma (you can add other vitamins and cocktails) so that it immediately goes directly to the hair roots. The trichologist explained it this way: even if we drink a bunch of different vitamins, this does not mean that they immediately go to the hair, the body sends them first to more important organs, and they go to the hair last. In one session, the doctor makes more than 60 injections.

After the first plasmolifting procedure, I had a break for almost a month, after the next two weeks.

My impressions. After the first procedure, in principle, I did not see anything, no improvements: the hair fell out and falls out, there are also no changes in the hair structure, the oily scalp is the same as it was (mine every other day).

After the second procedure, something special did not happen, except that the hair looked livelier, but it fell out and fell out (at times it even seemed to me that it was more than before the plasma lifting).

After the third procedure, I did a haircut and my master said that I have a huge amount of small hairs all over my head (the trichologist spoke about this in the third session), even on the back of my head. The master also noted that my hair shines like after lamination or even toning (this is on light brown hair), the color has become saturated. A week later, I myself began to notice these small hairs (even if they grew and did not fall out), but there were not many of them at all. And after washing my head in the drain in the bathroom there were less hairs, if before, I washed my head with shampoo, then I picked the hair from the drain (because the water did not drain anymore), then washed off the mask and cleaned the drain again, now I only do this after masks. Hair did not stop falling out, but it began to fall out less.

The fourth procedure has already passed. Everything is standard, like all the previous ones, but this time the pain was simply unbearable, the trichologist explained this by the fact that soon I have my period, so my skin is very sensitive. This time there were a lot of injections, more than 60, and she added a mixture of minerals (zinc, magnesium, calcium ...) to the plasma. In the first few days, it even seemed to me that the hair was falling out much less, but it was not there, a week after the plasmolifting, the hair fell even more, maybe it was connected with spring, seasonal hair loss, so I'm in frustrated feelings, plus I started inject B vitamins (10 injections). In general, there are a lot of small new hairs all over my head, but they will not save me the length (I have to cut it, 10 centimeters), the hair itself grows like "crazy", a little overgrown with bald patches, small hair. The hair looks alive, does not split as it used to be (I have dry curly hair), has a beautiful natural shine, but it still falls out, so I still cannot achieve the main goal of plasma lifting - to reduce hair loss.

Fifth procedure was appointed a month and a half later. The sensations after the fifth procedure are the same as after the previous ones. Hair looks alive, grows quickly, but still falls out.

Sixth procedure... The last procedure was scheduled a month later, only one plasma was injected without additives. More than two weeks have passed since the last procedure, hair loss has decreased slightly, but still has not returned to my usual rate (20-30 hairs).

In conclusion, I will say that plasmolifting is a rather interesting procedure for hair, which will help to put it in order, but as for hair loss, do not count on a 100% result, no matter what they tell you. I never found my reason for hair loss, although I visited four doctors (trichologist, gynecologist, gastroenterologist, neuropathologist), passed a bunch of tests and everything is normal and no one can understand why they fall out.

Throughout the entire time, I also drank vitamins (medobiotin, ascocin), totem (once every three days, and then once a week), pierced a course of B vitamins (in tablets I cannot absorb), iodomarin, as well as glycised (for months). I didn’t drink everything at once, the doctor wrote the whole course of admission into groups. And also took a massage course.

After the procedure, the doctor gave instructions on what to avoid after plasma lifting:

  1. Do not wash your hair for a day, but rather two.
  2. Avoid sun exposure.
  3. For three days, do not visit the sauna, bathhouse and pool.
  4. Do not massage the scalp for several days.
  5. For 5 days, do not make masks for the scalp with irritating components (tincture of paprika, mustard ...).
  6. On the day of the procedure, try not to comb or touch your hair once again.

The number of plasma lifting procedures is determined individually, depending on the condition of the hair. On average, it is recommended to do 2 to 6 procedures, with an interval of 10 days to a month.

Plasmolifting is widely used in skin care (skin rejuvenation, skin aging prevention, acne and post-acne treatment, hyperpigmentation and cellulite treatment).

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  1. Kate

    Wow, I probably would not have decided on plasmolifting ... how can I present 60 injections ??? to the head(((

    • Yuliya

      I used to think so too, but when hair loss is serious, in very large quantities and for a long time, the priorities are immediately set.

      • Catherine

        How many procedures does hair loss take? The trichologist says that usually after the third. But a week passed after the third procedure, and the hair did not fall out less.
        It seems that plasma therapy does not help everyone

        • Yuliya

          In general, trichologists say that after three or four procedures, but even after the seventh procedure, my hair fell out, although the general condition of the hair improved. Be sure to buy more vitamins for your hair when you take a course of plasma lifting.

          • Catherine

            The same situation. No result.

      • Catherine

        would dare if they started to lose hair at a furious speed

      • Ludmila

        Kate! I did plasmolifting of the scalp. Everything is tolerant and effective. Do not be afraid!

    • Zhenya

      Plasmolifting for hair loss also did not help me much, although I had less drug treatment than yours, but in general everything is as you describe. I pinned great hopes on him ((((

      • Ludmila

        Plasmolifting did not help me either. I did 3 procedures, but the hair is still falling out and there is no new hair, although they promised that 3 plasmolifting procedures are enough. It is not cheap, but I have no result ((((

        • Ludmila

          Lyudmila, prp cannot be done in case of hair loss. It will get worse. Achieve remission in prolapse and do it!

          • Olga

            Why not during the fallout?

    • Nargis

      Everything is exactly like mine !!!!! Thank you for the article! Thanks to you I feel lonely with this problem! I take plasma courses, drink vitamins, according to all analyzes and indications I am healthy, of course I am glad of this, but for me it remained a secret from what the hair fell out. There were always thick, thick, voluminous long ones, so I was a fool straightened mercilessly painted them (((((from plasma I cut through the young))) !!!! Only he makes me happy now) so I advise the girls to everyone, it really works, but somewhere I heard that the hair that died and will fall out. We must not pay attention to those who have fallen out, but rejoice at the new ones that have grown. I sincerely wish everyone a speedy recovery !!!! And most importantly, believe this is all temporary and fixable!

      • Yuliya

        For me, plasma has proven to be the most effective treatment for hair loss. Now I have already signed up for the second year.

        • Rita

          I just started plasmolifting today I did the first procedure, I don’t know how anyone, but it hurt me a lot, especially in the temples and the parietal part, I would like to hope for a positive result ....

          • Yuliya

            Everyone has a different pain threshold, try not to do it before cds. and ask to change needles often.

      • Jeanne

        GIRLS check FERITIN! In most cases, due to its lack, and drop out!

    • Olgunchik

      Plasmolifting also helped me, but other solutions were also added there. Which I don't remember ... but I definitely recommend the plasma itself.

      • Yuliya

        Today it is one of the best methods of dealing with different types of alopecia.

    • Ludmila

      Unfortunately, plasma lifting did not help me. I did it 3 times, but there was no result, the hair fell out, so it still falls out and there is no new hair. (((

      • Yuliya

        This often happens, I did it twice: the first time - five procedures, and the second only three - and nothing. You need to look for the cause inside the body.

    • Catherine

      Dear girls! I have the same trouble. Hair just crumbles. I'm afraid to wash and brush. Has handed over hormones - it is normal.What else to pass, what tests were you prescribed? I do the plasma until there is no effect.

    • Kristina

      After a strong weakening of the body, the hair's waist worsened. At first I was a little scared to try this procedure, but when I looked at my hair, I really wanted to cry. And I decided. The services at the Hair Health Center are top notch ( Yes, the procedure is not the cheapest, but the effect is visible. I was immediately warned that the result is not immediately visible, but I was ready for anything, if only my hair looked the same. And I had patience and went through the whole course and all the procedures. And I waited. Six months later, my hair was unrecognizable. They even called me Rapunzel. All the efforts and financial costs are worth it.

    • Alina

      Plasmolifting helped me to improve the general condition of my hair, but I could not cope with hair loss ... which I just didn’t do (((((((((((

      • Yuliya

        Look for the cause of hair loss inside the body.

        • Anonymous

          This is true(

    • Dina

      My hair is sagging, are there any injections in the home conditions of treatment?

      • Yuliya

        At home, you can use a mesoscooter.

    • Alexandra17

      Hello. I want to write right away that I also went through all this at first. Masks, questionable products, shampoos and much more. And only one really helped me. Against hair loss, I decided to try usma seeds or juice. I could not buy the juice of usma for a long time. There were questionable stores with negative reviews, or it was very expensive. Here is the site where everything suited me We sent usma oil. And within a week, hair loss has almost completely stopped. In general, I advise, I checked it on myself.

    • basseinomskru

      Plasmolifting is becoming one of the most effective, reliable, safe methods of treating acne. The method developed by Russian doctors for the treatment of patients with maxillofacial diseases has proven to be extremely effective.

    • Tatiana, 53 years old

      Hello! I will share my impressions of plasma lifting. Several years ago, my hair began to fall out, and the worst thing was that it was not replenished with new hair. The parietal part began to glow more and more every year. It was a real disaster for me !!! I started with hair masks, tried all sorts of things ... I only dried my hair with mustard and pepper. They advised Mival, followed the instructions for three courses. The result is zero. She poured a bunch of Esvicin over her head. After that, the hair began to fall out less, but did not begin to grow. I went to the doctors ... I donated blood for hormones, everything is in order. I went to the leather worker. Have written out to drink a course of Zincita and Pantovigar. I spent on drink ... ..the result is zero. And then I heard about plasma lifting! She clung to him like a straw. I went through 6 procedures, once a week. The pain is tolerable. The doctor said that after the second procedure, fluff appeared, then hairs. I was in seventh heaven…. But now two months have passed after the procedures, but the bald head is glowing and still glowing and I do not see new hair tightening the gaps. Again disappointment ... Can someone tell me why this is happening and advise something sensible. In March, the doctor prescribed another course for strengthening with plasmolifting. And now I don’t know if it’s worth throwing money away again if it didn’t help the first time.

      • Yuliya

        The result, even if there is, it will be noticeable only after 3-4 months, this is due to the life cycle of the hair. I also recommend checking the hormonal background and ferritin level, that is, contact an endocrinologist and hematologist.

      • Inga

        It looks like you have androgenic alopecia. Plasmolifting alone cannot be done here.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder if you solved the problem of falling out or not? Perhaps the thyroid gland should be checked.

    • Amanda

      Plasmolifting helped me a lot. Hair did not grow well, it could grow back only 1-3 cm in half a year. I started looking for how to solve this problem.I talked with the girls on another forum, they advised me there to try plasmolifting. I found an excellent Lasmed clinic in Moscow, where the plasmolifting procedure costs 7500 rubles. I did 4 procedures. The main thing is to take a break of at least 10-14 days between procedures, so that the injection sites have time to heal. In general, the procedure is normal. Of course, you need to be prepared for the fact that they will take your blood and then the plasma will be injected into the head. But if you are not afraid of blood, then everything is ok))) Almost 3 months have passed since the last procedure. And imagine in these 3 months my hair is 5 cm in the industry! Previously, I could only achieve such a result in a year! Hair has become better, stronger and when combing, now much less hair falls out. I am very happy with the plasmolifting! I hope to grow a long braid)))

    • Olga

      I was also prescribed plasma, but now chronic ailments have worsened and the doctor recommends doing mesotherapy with Kurasen, it is placental, the reviews are very good for the face, I did not find it for the hair, can anyone do it?

      • Yuliya

        I also heard only good reviews about this drug. If the loss is very strong, you can try, but just do not expect instant results.

    • Yuliya

      Good day!
      I also faced the problem of hair loss! I turned to a trichologist. Passed a course of plasmolifting. I did 10 procedures with a frequency of 3 weeks. Indeed, the hair became denser, did not fall out, a lot of new hair grew. The trichologist said that the next course would not be earlier than in 1.5 years. BUT!!! It took 3 months and the hair began to fall out again. And moreover, the hair is those that have grown new. (((
      I eat well, I drink vitamins, I use the lotion prescribed by the trichologist, and moreover, I bought it in Germany (I'm sure the quality there is different from what they sell here). As a result, I again go to do plasmolifting as supporting procedures with a frequency of 1.5-2 months. (((
      I think that everything is not forever, you need to constantly take care of yourself. As with a beautician! The skin will immediately change for the worse. So it is with the hair. It's just that all this is expensive ... (((

      • Yuliya

        Yes, I agree that it is expensive, but when the hair begins to leave your head, then you grab each straw (

    • Ulyana

      I also did a course of plasma therapy - what I want to say, at first I did not notice the effect. It is very difficult to see it on the head. But after about six months, the hair has improved significantly and became denser, as if thicker. This was noticed not only by me, but also by those around me. Of all the manipulations I did only plasma therapy and head massage. Stabbed in Beauty Trend at Kogan.

    • Tanya

      I have already started doing the second course of plasma lifting, the break was half a year. My hair did not fall out, or rather fell out, but within the normal range, I just have very few of them and they are thin. Plasmolifting began to do precisely with the aim of slightly improving the general condition of the hair and I did it, the quality of the hair really improved and therefore I decided on the second course (8 procedures). Not only expensive masks and serums did not help me, as plasma lifting helped me.

      • Yuliya

        Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Dimasik

      And I faced the problem of hair loss, everything was fine, but at one fine time, they began to fall out, I don't know what it is connected with
      Male 25 years old
      I tried to drink vitamins from loss, I ate a course and a half, and washed my hair with a special shampoo, I also added a tincture of paprika there - it didn't really help
      I think this is a genetic trait

      I read all the comments, as I understand it, you first need to find out the reason for the dropout? But how to do it? To take tests for any canoe and see what's wrong?
      Tell me please:)

      I heard about plasma lifting, so I'm thinking of trying it, I don't want to be left without hair ((

      • Yuliya

        You need to contact a trichologist or dermatologist, who will prescribe the necessary tests and help find out the cause of the loss. But, most often in men (more than 80%), the androgenetic type of alopecia. The two most common causes of hair loss in men that trigger androgenetic alopecia are:
        1. Heredity.This is when the activity of the gene for baldness is due to heredity and mainly in the mother's line. For example, if on my mother's side, in her father, grandfather, great-grandfather were bald in the family, then there is a high probability that you are also prone to this, and this can manifest itself at a fairly early age, sometimes even during puberty and to For thirty years, bald patches are already forming. But, this does not mean that only on the mother's side, if your father has an androgenic type of baldness, it can also be transmitted to you: bald patches in the frontal zones and thinning on the crown.
        2. An excess of testosterone in the body also causes hair loss, that is, an increased sensitivity of hair follicles to male sex hormones. Increased activity of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

        • Dimasik

          I asked my father about baldness, he said that at my age, too, hair began to fall out, and then it stopped
          I also remembered such a nuance, before hair loss, I worked out in the gym, ate a lot, and used a gainer (this is protein + carbohydrates) mixing this powder in milk

          As I understand it, in the first case, nothing can be done.
          And in the second, what can you do?

          • Yuliya

            You need to go to a trichologist and get tested for hormones (at least). With proper treatment (you need to find a good doctor), you can save your hair.

            • Dimasik

              I read the comments, I want to try plasmolifting, I no longer have problems with hair loss (for three months now), I was saved by an ordinary "home" recipe for ginger root, in my opinion, just a magical remedy. And the plasma procedure is of interest because I want to "overgrow" the terrible bald patches, and I would like to add the overall density. Hair is clearly not my trump card (

              • Yuliya

                Plasmolifting improves the general condition of the hair and accelerates growth, which is exactly what you need in your case.
                Share the recipe for a mask with ginger)))

              • Svetlana

                Plasmolifting did not help me. Hair falls out with greater force.

                • Yuliya

                  Have you completed the full course?

            • Kristina

              My hair loss was reduced after the 3rd Plasmolifting procedure. At intervals of about once a week. Davolna and continue on!

              • Yuliya

                This is a very good result for such a number of procedures, but do not stop, finish the course to the end.

            • Olesya

              I want to give everyone advice, take a blood test for vitamin B12.D, and folic acid, these vitamins are responsible for our hair, which vitamin will not be enough in the body, the doctor will prescribe the correct dose.

              • Yuliya


            • Larisa 47 years old

              I have been suffering from androgenic loss since 20 years old. How many things have I tried, but the hair falls out further. I drink zincteral and Janine ... it helps, but it is very harmful to my health. I want to do plasma lifting, but I have autoimmune thyroiditis. Can I do it and will there be a result- Do not know

              • Yuliya

                You'd better consult your doctor.

            • Helena

              And with dry seborrhea of ​​the head, did plasmolifting help anyone?

            • Leah

              Search results: Good evening! Hmm ... I certainly have high hopes for this procedure. They burned my hair a year ago, there was a lot of stress. After 4 months, the hair began to actively leave my head. Naturally, like all of us here .. I focused on expensive shampoos and masks. 6 months have passed, there was no result. Doctors went into action. Trichologist, endocrinologist, gastaenterologist, gynecologist. According to the analyzes, everything is in order, dysbiosis was diagnosed. I don’t think it influences the process much. The hair is seriously thinned, even on the hands the structure has changed. Became soft and rare. It certainly pleases me, however .. if only on the body ☝)))) In general, about a year has passed. I was diagnosed by a trichologist diff. yeah. About 130 hairs after a shower. Stress of course !! It's probably time to look at the wig))) All hope for plasma! I read your comments and wanted to cry!)))

              • Yuliya

                With AGA, plasma-lifting in complex therapy gives good results, many are satisfied with the result, so you can try.

            • Helena

              I recommend visiting an endocrinologist, maybe he will find something) it is strange that the trichologist did not advise.
              I will also try to help myself with plasmolifting. Although the first procedure went without improvement.

              • Yuliya

                The endocrinologist had all hormones normal, prescribed Iodomarin 200 for three months and Medobiotin.

                • Catherine

                  I made a course of plasma lifting of 7 sessions. She graduated in April. It seems to have gotten better. A lot of new hair has grown. But 3 months passed and the hair fell again with terrible force. Again, they were very orderly. I started doing the procedures again. So far I have done 2. Hair still falls out in bunches and a lot.

                  • Yuliya

                    Take tests and look for a problem inside the body (gynecologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, psychotherapist).

                    • Catherine

                      I know that after alopecia the hair will not recover by 100%, only a third of the lost hair is restored, so do not expect that after plasmolifting you will become overgrown with hair, but I think the bald patches should definitely be overgrown))

                    • Lena

                      I live in Spain and do it once a month and my head with a special shampoo all my hair fell out on the sides from the stress of the girl all the nerves I have been treating for half a year everything will be good patience and time

                    • Kate

                      I will support everyone who wrote about stress and nerves. I had this when I was 25. They fell in shreds, and my hands went numb, and then removed the source of irritation and everything was nasalized.

                    • Olga

                      Was recovering your Ferritin levels helpful? From falling out. Are new hair growing now? And after three years, probably already after plasmolifting, what do you think? Does the procedure help, does it make sense to do it? And you wrote about the level of testosterone, I have it just increased and I am a woman. Maybe this is my reason for hair loss ... And my mother is almost bald, after menopause her hair fell out, fell out and almost fell out. She went to the doctors for a long time, it did not help. And I have already dropped my hands.

                      • Yuliya

                        I can say that in combination with everything else it helped. But, I took only one course, I did not repeat it again. Now I am doing mesotherapy in autumn and spring, I like it more, but I need an experienced doctor to pick the right cocktail for you. I also drink vitamins twice a year for three months (it makes no sense to drink less), this year - Solgar (hair, skin, nails) and Priorin. I drink vitamin D all year round, I only take a break when I go to the sea and take Omega-3 courses.
                        I began to focus less on the roots of the hair (strengthening, growth) and began to pay more attention to the care of the length, the quality of the hair has improved significantly and the overall appearance.
                        In your case, you need to contact your gynecologist-endocrinologist to find out about testosterone.
                        I have heavy periods, so my iron (ferritin) level periodically drops, I try to control it.
                        Hair loss during menopause is a natural process, it can only be slowed down ((it's just that for some it is more moderate, and for some it is more intense.
                        And, neither plasma lifting nor mesotherapy will cure the loss, if there are internal problems with the body, you first need to eliminate them. That is, from plasma-lifting, the ferritin level will not rise, the thyroid gland will not work ... so further, you must first look for the cause of the loss, eliminate it and simultaneously treat and strengthen the hair.

                    • Anonymous

                      Good afternoon, I’ll write briefly, I did everything I could with the hair, plasma helps the growth of new ones, but I had the result after 6 procedures (three or four hairs grew from one bulb) it is necessary to continue doing it once every three weeks. Only then will there be a result (the fallout did not affect in any way only the growth of new ones). I did 13 procedures (at the hair doctor clinic with a purchase of 10, the cost is 1750 rubles per procedure). I regret that I stopped doing, because over time everything returned to normal. 1.5 years have passed and today I am starting a new course. Mesotherapy is also good, but it is aggressive after you finish the hair and the fall is sharp. In addition, I advise nettle, I brew it in a mug and rub it in at night every day, you will not believe the gray hair goes away.

                      • Yuliya

                        Thank you for sharing your valuable experience. Look for the cause of the loss inside the body.

                    • Universal_Pinschers

                      The gynecologist advised me to donate blood for ferritin. It is an indicator of Iron in the body.Replenish your iron stores! I bought and drink spirulina (I wanted pills). It is very important to keep your iron level (namely ferritin, not hemoglobin) at a height. In extreme cases, pharmacy vitamins or dietary supplements to drink to increase iron (but absorption is worse). Best with food! Be healthy!

                    • Svetlana

                      Good day, my son and I have been fighting for the third year with baldness, until the age of 18 we simply smeared all possible remedies and drank vitamins prescribed by the trichologist, after 18 we put down plasma 6 times, the loss stopped, but 4 months after plasma and everything returned to normal ... We passed all possible tests, everything is normal. Please tell me what to do, put the plasma again? So much money has already been spent, and the result is zero.

                      • Yuliya

                        Good afternoon. You should find a good doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination. If it is androgenic alopecia, then life-long scalp preparations are needed. In men, with hair loss, 90% of cases are androgenic alopecia.

                    • Natalia

                      Hair began to fall out, the partings were very open, the doctor recommended plasma lifting. I did 3 procedures, the result is zero. Paid for 1 ampoule of blood 2000r, for 2 ampoules 3700r (2020). It hurts not the right word! Plus you hear a crunch from a prick in the head. Only the thought that it would help stopped me from running away from there. In general, it has not helped yet, I will do a couple more procedures and that's it.

                    • Olya

                      Now I am undergoing a plasma-lifting course in Aesthetics Line, at the moment I have already done it three times, in total, according to the recommendations, I need 5-6 times. Painfully, the first time already tears came out of my eyes, this, of course, is a minus. But on the other hand, the hair loss has decreased, before that, whatever I did and there was no effect at all, here I still see the result

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